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The Natali Dler brand is part of Zakład Odzieżowy MWD, which was created in 1982. Over the nearly 30 years of operation, it has grown from a small workshop that initially focused on creating one-of-a-kind designs for individual clients into a “fashion factory”. The growing circle of satisfied clients allowed us to gradually increase our capabilities. Currently, we employ approximately 100 people in a space over 1000 sq. m. Since 2007, we have been producing clothing under the Natali Dler trademark.

The Natali Dler line offers exclusive, elegant women’s clothing for evenings, special occasions, business and every day. It is not only a recognizable brand, it’s also a style. We design clothing for mature, fashion-aware women, who want to emphasise their personalities. Our asset is original design and top-quality fine fabrics imported mainly from Italy, France and Spain, as well as those from India, such as hand-woven silks.

In our nearly 100 affiliated shops throughout Poland, located mainly in prestigious shopping centres, we offer our most demanding clients exclusive and unique series of women’s clothing thanks to our own designs, the experts we employ, as well as our computerised pattern room and modern machine park. Our products attract much interest on the European market, including in Moscow, Kiev and Prague, as well in Hungary and Germany.

As proof of recognition by the Rawicz District Administrator’s Office, we were selected and nominated for the national competition “Przedsiębiorczość” (“Entrepreneurship”) under the leadership of member of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland Eugeniusz Tomasz Grzeszczak as a worthy and representative candidate from our region; our candidacy successfully led to our winning the competition. We also received the “Laur Przedsiębiorczości” (“Entrepreneurship Laurel”) award in a plebiscite organised by the City Hall of the City and Municipality of Rawicz.

Our company is constantly growing and improving by listening to the needs of the market and not remaining passive towards them.

Thank you all for your recognition.




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